Horse-drawn sleigh ride

In the past, the Polish nobles loved to savour romantic moments on the sleigh with hand-lit torches and bells jingling in the air. Today everyone can enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Let us take you to Zakopane, a little town called the winter capital of Poland, wrap up in a warm blanket, inhale the fresh air and enjoy the ride. Relax, admire the Polish Nature and take a break from the urban blitz. The traditional sleigh ride will give you, your family and friends unforgettable memories. Before the ride can enjoy 3-hour break in Zakopane or a guided tour. For additional price, you can finish your ride in a hut enjoying the fireplace while sampling mulled wine and Polish smoked sausage.

Price: from 210 PLN
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Ski tour

Skiing is a great way to spend you leisure time in an active way. It can help to unwind both physically and mentally and provides plenty of attractions and adventures, becoming a great way to upgrade your winter stay in Poland. Both ski amateurs and pros should visit ski slopes in Białka Tatrzańska and Podstolice. The ski station in Podstolice is a perfect place to begin your skiing adventure. You will spend two hours on the slope developing your skills under watchful eye of our experienced, English-speaking ski instructor. Those who already know how to ski or snowboard can visit Białka Tatrzańska with the biggest ski station located in Podhale, where you can spend nine hours sliding down the 1400-meter long ski slope. You do not need to worry about equipment – we provide you with skis, ski boots and a helmet. We organize trips to other ski slopes on request too.

Price: from 280 PLN
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Christmas Walking Tour

Feel the wonderful atmosphere of winter and Christmas-time in Poland! Visit the city with a private, local guide who will pick you up from your hotel to discover the amply decorated narrow streets of the Old Town, Kraków churches where you can find Nativity Scenes and the Main Market Square transformed into magical Christmas market. What is “opłatek”? How does Poles celebrate Christmas? Why do they prepare twelve-dish Christmas Eve? During 3-hours walking tour you can learn about Polish Christmas traditions and customs. You will also have a chance to discover the world of beautiful Polish handicraft and Christmas decorations, and try the local delicious food and mulled wine. Recommended in the evening!

Price: from 95 PLN
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Wieliczka – Salt Mine

The one and only salt mine in the world preserved in such pristine condtition! Visited by more than 1 million tourists every year.

Price: from 150 PLN
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Wieliczka Salt Mine The Miner’s Route

See the Mine from the side of the miner. Descend underground by the oldest existing mine shaft, the Regis, and follow the trail located off the busy touristic routes. Feel like the miner; wear the working clothes, take the mining equipment and the task given by the guide, known at the mine as the chargeman. Experience the underground life and uncover the secrets of mining and unknown chambers. Learn how to set the path, measure the concentration of methane, dig and transport salt.

Price: from 180 PLN
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Travel to Zakopane, a mountain resort nestled at the foot of the Tatra mountains; see the breathtaking views of Poland’s countryside and taste traditional highlander cheese ‘oscypek’!

Price: from 240 PLN
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Segway Tour

Never been on a Segway? This is a perfect chance for you to visit Cracow in a very unusual way. Our tour is a combination of history and fun filled full with jokes, tons of laugh and some amazing stories.

Price: from 160 PLN
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Communism Tours

Guided tours of Nowa Huta – ‘the communist paradise’ and the biggest district of Krakow. See how the communist life looked like.

Price: from 89 PLN
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Ghost tour

Be the first one to hear forgotten stories of brave freedom fighters who paid the highest price to abolish Communism, mysterious tales of medieval customs which were supposed to open the gates of Heaven, brutal reality of medieval Kraków, Pagan myths and beliefs.

Price: from 70 PLN
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Dunajec River Rafting

Discover the most spectacular gorge of Europe – the Dunajec River George. You will have a chance to admire one of the most amazing scenery of the Polish highlands!

Price: from 360 PLN
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Bochnia Salt Mine

Explore the oldest Salt Mine in Poland and enjoy the unique opportunity to take a ride on an underground train and a slide down the world’s longest, 140-metre slide connecting 2 levels of the mine. Learn about the history of salt mining, the hardships of miners’ work as well as the history of Poland thanks to Bochnia’s Multimedia Exposition. Want more? Every Sunday we will take you on an underground ferry ride.

Price: from 145 PLN
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Klezmer Music Concert

Klezmer music originated in the villages (‘shtetl’) and the ghettos of Eastern Europe, where itinerant Jewish troubadours, known as „klezmorim”, performed at joyful events, particularly weddings.
Price: from 50 PLN
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Folk show

We would like to invite you for a Folk Show performance which is a chance to take part in the presentation of national Polish dances like Polonaise, Mazurek, Oberek, Kujawiak. Not only will you have an opportunity to hear and listen to folk music but also to dance and sing regional songs with the Krakowianie group.

Price: from 85 PLN
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Royal Chamber Orchestra

The Royal Chamber Orchestra is an ensemble consisting of outstanding musicians from Krakow Academy of Music who regularly perform all over the world. Their music is a combination of exquisite taste, unlimited imagination and perfect technique. During the concert you will have an opportunity to listen to variety of composers, such as: J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, A. Vivaldi, F. Chopin but also some modern pieces like M. Jackson’s song. Held in the Church of St. Adalbert, which is the oldest church in Krakow. Thanks to its small size and baroque dome the church provides serene atmosphere and resonant acoustic that create a very special, intimate atmosphere. Enjoy our musical feast.

Price: from 65 PLN
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Chopin concert

Enjoy a concert dedicated to Frederic Chopin’s Works – the icon of Polish and European music, a true master of the piano. Born in Poland, he spent the rest of his life in Paris, where he died in 1849. The pieces of music composed by Frederic Chopin are full of longing for his beloved country, bursting with expression and romanticism. Presented by the famous piano artists: Witold Wilczek, Weronika Krówka, Dobróchna Krówka, Piotr Szczepanik, Kazuko Tsuji and others.

Price: from 60 PLN
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Paintball is a fantastic game played between participants professionally equipped with rifles and ammunition in the form of balls of paint.

We offer interesting and unconventional scenarios to play. Recommended for both women and men!

Price: from 200 PLN
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Polish vodka tasting

How about starting your Kraków adventure with Polish Vodka Tasting? This crazy evening will definitely make your stay in the city unforgettable.

Price: from 80 PLN
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Bison safari

Visit to the noblemen of the Popiel family in Kurozwęki Palace! Uncover interesting family stories, often connected with the history of Polish kings and artists! Take a walk through the palace’s park and see the American bison herd! Visit the unmissable Arabian stud farm!

Price: from 360 PLN
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Bike tour

The tour is an excellent way to get an overview of the city and to get beyond the beaten paths where most visitors spend their time. The tour is also a great way to make the most of your time in Krakow, getting two days of sightseeing in a few hours and going to places most visitors just read about!

Price: from 90 PLN
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