Wycieczki w języku polskim

Wreszcie są! W związku z wieloma prośbami odpalamy wycieczki w języku polskim! Nieważne czy mieszkasz w Krakowie od urodzenia czy dopiero tu się wybierasz, każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie, nasze wycieczki pozwolą poznać Miasto Królów Polskich lub odkryć je na nowo. Zapraszamy!

Price: from 29 PLN
Krakow Underground Museum

Kraków to miasto muzeów – miesieczny pobyt tutaj nie pozwoli Ci zobaczyć nawet ich połowy. Dlatego wychodząc Wam na przeciw wybraliśmy te najpopularniejsze i najbardziej warte zobaczenia. Zapraszamy!

Price: from 40 PLN

Krakauer Wanderungen

We recommend a walking tour with our qualified guide to all tourists who want to know the ins and outs of Kraków. Within one day, you will see all of the most important monuments, and hear many local anecdotes and legends!

Price: from 70 PLN


Renting a car with a driver will allow you to reach any place comfortably and easily. We recommend airport transfers; it allows you to travel from any airport in Poland directly to the place where you intend to stay. We can also provide all kinds of intercity transfers at your request.

Price: from 100 PLN

Travel Voucher

Still looking for a Christmas present for your loved ones? Don’t worry!
In cooperation with Smart Hotels&Hostels and 4transfer, we have prepared an amazing gift for people who love traveling!

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Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum

Das Museum Auschwitz Birkenau ist ein Ort, der an die schrecklichste in der Geschichte der ganze Welt Fabrik des Todes erinnert.

Price: from 140 PLN
Schindler’s Factory

Geführte Besichtigung des Museums in der ehemaligen Fabrik von Oskar Schindler

Das Museum Fabryka Schindlera ist ein notwendiger Punkt auf der Karte von Polen, die die Geschichte des 2. Weltkriegs und seinen Einfluss auf Krakau und Bewohner kennen lernen möchten.

Price: from 65 PLN

Auschwitz Birkenau Sub-Camps and Memory Sites Tour from Kraków

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, both camps that are so frequently visited by tourists are just a small part of the tragic testimony of German Nazi crimes in Poland. In fact, the Camp’s area was much bigger than it might seem. Thanks to SeeKrakow in cooperation with Foundation of Memory Sites Near Auschwitz-Birkenau which the main purpose is to raise funds for conservation, preservation of land and artifacts related to the Nazi German concentration camp Auschwitz – Birkenau and it’s sub-camps we are the only ones to offer you an exclusive opportunity to see the evidence that only a few have seen. You will visit places that will show you how the life in the camp looked like and artifacts that you won’t even see in the State Museum.

Price: from 119 PLN
Jetzt Buchen