To meet the various needs of sightseeing, we have prepared several possibilities to visit Concentration Camps.

Price: from 89 PLN


Discover the underground beauty hidden in the corridors of the 13th century Wieliczka Salt Mine.
See underground salt lakes, mysterious corridors, and salt sculptures made by contemporary artists.
See the places that delighted Nicolaus Copernicus, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Fryderyk Chopin.

Price: from 100 PLN


We offer four live concerts to all music lovers who want to make their stay in the city more pleasant.
– a Klezmer music concert – it makes you feel like you were in old Jewish Kraków,
– a concert of the Royal Chamber Orchestra – for fans of classical music, as well as contemporary hits, performed in the oldest church in Kraków,
– a Chopin music concert – presenting the music of the most famous Polish composer,
– a folk show – an unforgettable performance showing Polish and Cracovian folk traditions, combined with a tasting of regional dishes.

Price: from 55 PLN

WOW! Krakau Busse

Wow!Krakow buses take you from one monument to the next, giving you the opportunity to see the most important points in the city on your own. Everyone will find something for themselves in the offer: we offer 24/48-hour tickets as well as a ride through Kraków at night, which gives you the opportunity to see beautifully lit monuments, admire the night panorama of the city and taste Polish wines and cheese.

Price: from 55 PLN

Ausflüge auf den Spuren des Kommunismus

Communism Tours take you back in time to the period of the Polish People’s Republic, which was under the dominance of the USSR for 50 years.
Nowa Huta was originally intended to be a separate city, fully designed and built. To this day, the architecture of Nowa Huta is an excellent example of a “model socialist city”. We offer two types of tours: a standard 2.5-hour tour to see the most important places in Nowa Huta , including a visit to a restaurant, and a Deluxe version, which is a 4.5-hour tour, including dinner in a milk bar and a visit to a private museum which shows the daily life of the communist era.

Price: from PLN


Renting a car with a driver will allow you to reach any place comfortably and easily. We recommend airport transfers; it allows you to travel from any airport in Poland directly to the place where you intend to stay. We can also provide all kinds of intercity transfers at your request.

Price: from 100 PLN

Krakauer Wanderungen

We recommend a walking tour with our qualified guide to all tourists who want to know the ins and outs of Kraków. Within one day, you will see all of the most important monuments, and hear many local anecdotes and legends!

Price: from 70 PLN

Schnelle und aktive Besichtigung

A trip by a small, electric car will allow you to see the most important places in Kraków quickly and comfortably. You will save the time and energy you would otherwise spend on exploring the city on your own. The tour is available in 27 languages!

Price: from 39 PLN

Birkenau Concentration Camp (Auschwitz II) and Wieliczka Salt Mine – 1 day tour

Tourists arriving in Kraków for a couple days certainly want to take advantage of the city’s rich offer without having to choose between one of the world’s most recognisable destinations located in the Kraków region: the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Birkenau Concentration Camp. To provide tourists with an opportunity to see both of these places, while taking into consideration the limited time of their stay, we decided to combine these two options into a single, one-day trip.

Price: from 299 PLN

Wieliczka Salt Mine: skip the lines

Discover the Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of the world’s oldest mines and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can explore remarkable underground corridors and carved chapels and see why this site attracts over 1 million tourists every year.

Price: from 89 PLN

Salzbergwerk „Wieliczka“

Die einzige Salzmine der Welt in so einem sehr gutem Zustand erhalten. Siehe, warum sie bereits in die 1. UNESCO-Liste des Weltkulturerbes und Weltnaturerbes eingetragen ist und zieht mehr als eine Million Besucher pro Jahr an.

Price: from 80 PLN

Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau und Salzbergwerk Wieliczka – an einem Tag

Touristen, die für ein paar Tage nach Krakau kommen, wollen sicherlich die Möglichkeit haben, das reiche Angebot zu nutzen, ohne sich zwischen einem der bekanntesten Ziele der Welt – einmal in Krakau und dann in seiner Umgebung – entscheiden zu müssen: dem Salzbergwerk Wieliczka und dem Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau. Um den Touristen die Möglichkeit zu geben, diese beiden Orte zu besuchen, haben wir uns angesichts der begrenzten Zeit ihres Aufenthaltes entschlossen, die beiden Angebote innerhalb eines Tages in eine Reise zu integrieren.

Price: from 299 PLN

Salzbergwerk „Wieliczka“. Bergarbeiterroute

Siehe die Mine als ein Bergmann! Du fährst mit dem ältesten erhalten gebliebenen Regis-Schacht hinab, die Strecke ist von der Touristenroute entfernt. Du wirst dich wie ein Bergmann fühlen: du trägst eine Schutzkleidung, mit bergmännischer Ausrüstung und du erfüllst die durch den Führer gesetzten Aufgaben. Entdecke das unteridige Leben, die Geheimnisse des Bergbau und unbekannte Kammer. Lerne, wie den Weg markieren, die Messung der Konzentration von Methan untersuchen, das Salz zu extrahieren und zu transportieren!

Price: from 160 PLN