We invite you to make a trip around Nowa Huta that is filled with the spirit of the period of communist Poland. Designed symmetrically on a semicircle plan as a separate structure independent of Kraków – along with a huge metallurgical complex – it was the pride of the communist authorities controlled by the Soviet Union. Today, as a slightly altered district of Kraków, Nowa Huta still attracts many tourists who want to see ‘a picture-perfect socialist city’.

The trip on the trail of communism is an opportunity to see the ‘living history’ of the former communist rule, which is commemorated only by the architecture of the old city that has survived until today. The longer tour option, called “COMMUNISM DELUXE”, includes not only the tour points covered by the standard 2.5-hour option, but also dinner in a milk bar and a visit to a private museum where the charms of the home-living and lifestyle in the communist era are presented.

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Price list

Price per person


The price includes:

  • hotel pick-up/drop-off with a vintage Trabant car
  • local, laidback Crazy Guide
  • Nowa Huta district sightseeing (driving/walking)
  • refreshments in a communist restaurant
  • authentic 1970s apartment-museum
  • lunch in an old-school „milk bar” canteen

Ważne informacje

1. To jest wycieczka prywatna (organizowana na życzenie).

3. COMMUNISM DELUXE trwa do 4 h

4. Wycieczka utrzymana jest w tonie humorystycznym i nie ma na celu propagowania komunizmu.

5. Uczestnicy wycieczki będą podróżować oryginalnym samochodem marki Trabant, który oprócz kierowcy może przewieźć 3 pasażerów i nie jest klimatyzowany.

6. W programie COMMUNISM DELUXE została przewidziana przerwa na posiłek zawierający alergeny (obiad w tzw. barze mlecznym).

7. Wycieczki nie są dostępne w następujące dni: 1. stycznia, 21 kwietnia i 25. grudnia.

More about the tour

We invite you to take part in an unforgettable trip on the trail of the communist history of Nowa Huta. The offer includes two tour options:

“COMMUNISM TOUR” – an unforgettable 2.5-hour-long ride in an old-school car. During the ride, tourists will see with their own eyes elements of the preserved socialist realist architecture, and the whole trip will take place in a relaxed atmosphere. The driver will take tourists to places such as: the Central Square, the Administrative Centre of Nowa Huta and the Church of the Lord’s Ark. It will also be an opportunity to see housing units and a Soviet tank that stands on the pavement of the Highlanders’ Estate even today. Apart from this, tourists will stop to visit the Stylowa restaurant, which looks the same as in the 1970s.

“COMMUNISM DELUXE” is a 4-hour trip whose itinerary includes elements of the ‘Communism Tour’ supplemented with a sumptuous lunch in a milk bar from the period of the People’s Republic of Poland, as well as a boozy visit to a private museum in one of the Nowa Huta blocks in which the atmosphere of a typical three-room flat from the period of communist Poland has been recreated.

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