In the past, the Polish nobles loved to savour romantic moments on the sleigh with hand-lit torches and bells jingling in the air. Today everyone can enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride in a beautiful scenery of Polish Tatra Mountains.
The tour to Zakopane – the winter capital of Poland located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, offers breathtaking views and picturesque natural landscapes. From charming wooden Witkiewicz-style villas, through imposing mountain peaks over the city, to numerous traditional restaurants: Zakopane has everything that every mountain lover can dream of! We guarantee unforgettable experiences and views that you will not come across anywhere else. During the journey you can admire characteristic highlander-style wooden architecture in Chochołów, a village known for its 150-year-old log houses and unique peaceful atmosphere..

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Price list

Sample price per person

Group of 5 people 250 PLN

The price includes

  • private transfer
  • 2-hour leisure time in Zakopane
  • ca. 45-minute sleigh ride

Important information

Duration: up to 9 h

This is private tour – organized on request.

More about the tour

Just before arriving in Zakopane we will visit a shepherd’s hut, where you will taste the traditional smoked cheese called ‘oscypek’. After that you will enjoy 2-hour spare time in Zakopane where you can visit huge regional market and eat dinner in one of the restaurants offering local delicacies.

Having experienced the charming atmosphere of Zakopane, we will go towards the valleys in the Tatra Mountains to begin your ca. 45-minute horse-drawn sleigh ride. Wrap up in a warm blanket, inhale the fresh air and enjoy the ride. Relax, admire the Polish Nature and take a break from the urban blitz. The traditional sleigh ride will give you, your family and friends unforgettable memories. After the ride you can warm up in a regional hut tasting traditional roasted sausage and sipping warm tea.

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