Klezmer music was initiated in shtetls and ghettos of Eastern Europe by Jewish singers known as ‘klezmorim’. Played most frequently during weddings, sumptuous parties and all kinds of festive celebrations, it contained fragments inspired by popular dances and secular and religious melodies. Later it blended with the characteristic sounds of Slavic, Gypsy, Turkish and Greek music; after World War II, when most klezmer musicians stayed in the USA, its rhythms assimilated also elements of American jazz. Enriched with multicultural sounds, delicate dissonances and the tendency to improvise, it finally became the music that expresses a multitude of extreme emotions: from despair to joy, from rebellion to religious devotion, from bawdiness to melancholy – and all of this filled with a specific Jewish sense of humour.

The repertoire of the klezmer music concert includes instrumental songs referring to the folklore of reformed and Orthodox Jews and is performed in Yiddish.

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Price list


Price per person 55 PLN

    Important information

    1. This is a regular event attended by wider audiences.
    2. The tour includes a tasting of foods containing allergens (Polish dishes).


    • Place: Klezmer Music Venue - 14 Sławkowska street (from 6th January to 22nd November ) - every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
      4.30 pm

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