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Auschwitz Birkenau Sub-Camps and Memory Sites Guided Tour

Quick Details

Explore Auschwitz-Birkenau on a Guided Tour

Do you think that you know the history of extermination that took place at The Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp? Do you think that you saw everything? Are you sure?

  • Do you know the location of the Judenrampe – the rail platform where the selection process took place?
  • Where are the ruins of huge warehouses used to store potatoes called Kartoffellagerhalle, which illustrate the enormous size of planned camps and extermination?
  • Have you ever followed the path that prisoners had to walk between the selection platform and the Birkenau Camp Main Gate?
  • Do you know what was produced at the Auschwitz III Monowitz Camp and what companies profited from the use of slave labor?
  • Do you know where the Camp Canteen – the main spot for the camp’s social life – is located and what was its purpose?
  • Do you realize the size of The Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp? Are you aware that it included fish ponds, animal farms, vegetable fields, and flower gardens, orchards, and many other places where prisoners worked and died?
  • Can you point to the location of the first Female Camp where one night over 90 women were brutally murdered?

If you answered “NO” to most of the questions you are not alone: this part of the history is not commonly known, it is not comfortable for some and therefore remains untold.

Important information

  • Minimum number of participants 4 people,
  • Trip participants will travel on foot, so they should wear comfortable sports shoes,
  • Depending on the weather conditions in Krakow, participants of the trip should bring warm, rainproof clothing (e.g. sweaters, jackets, umbrellas) or items of clothing that protect against excessive exposure to the sun (e.g. a hat, cap, sunglasses).
  • Would you like to book a private tour, transport or have a visit in another language? Do you need a separate quote for your group? Please contact us here.

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