Campi di Concentramento

To meet the various needs of sightseeing, we have prepared several possibilities to visit Concentration Camps.

Price: from 89 PLN

Miniere di sale

Discover the underground beauty hidden in the corridors of the 13th century Wieliczka Salt Mine.
See underground salt lakes, mysterious corridors, and salt sculptures made by contemporary artists.
See the places that delighted Nicolaus Copernicus, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Fryderyk Chopin.

Price: from 100 PLN


We offer four live concerts to all music lovers who want to make their stay in the city more pleasant.
– a Klezmer music concert – it makes you feel like you were in old Jewish Kraków,
– a concert of the Royal Chamber Orchestra – for fans of classical music, as well as contemporary hits, performed in the oldest church in Kraków,
– a Chopin music concert – presenting the music of the most famous Polish composer,
– a folk show – an unforgettable performance showing Polish and Cracovian folk traditions, combined with a tasting of regional dishes.

Price: from 55 PLN

WOW! Autobus di Cracovia

Wow!Krakow buses take you from one monument to the next, giving you the opportunity to see the most important points in the city on your own. Everyone will find something for themselves in the offer: we offer 24/48-hour tickets as well as a ride through Kraków at night, which gives you the opportunity to see beautifully lit monuments, admire the night panorama of the city and taste Polish wines and cheese.

Price: from 55 PLN

Visite legate al comunismo

Communism Tours take you back in time to the period of the Polish People’s Republic, which was under the dominance of the USSR for 50 years.
Nowa Huta was originally intended to be a separate city, fully designed and built. To this day, the architecture of Nowa Huta is an excellent example of a “model socialist city”. We offer two types of tours: a standard 2.5-hour tour to see the most important places in Nowa Huta , including a visit to a restaurant, and a Deluxe version, which is a 4.5-hour tour, including dinner in a milk bar and a visit to a private museum which shows the daily life of the communist era.

Price: from PLN

Trasferimento dall'aeroporto

Renting a car with a driver will allow you to reach any place comfortably and easily. We recommend airport transfers; it allows you to travel from any airport in Poland directly to the place where you intend to stay. We can also provide all kinds of intercity transfers at your request.

Price: from 100 PLN

Passeggiate a Cracovia

We recommend a walking tour with our qualified guide to all tourists who want to know the ins and outs of Kraków. Within one day, you will see all of the most important monuments, and hear many local anecdotes and legends!

Price: from 70 PLN

Giro turistico in modo attivo e veloce

A trip by a small, electric car will allow you to see the most important places in Kraków quickly and comfortably. You will save the time and energy you would otherwise spend on exploring the city on your own. The tour is available in 27 languages!

Price: from 39 PLN

Auschwitz-Birkenau: Through the eyes of the Survivor

A trip to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum is a specific encounter with the history of Nazi cruelty and the fate of the Holocaust victims, which is the saddest in the history of humanity. During the tour, tourists will see a permanent exhibition, originally preserved camp buildings in the main part of the complex (Auschwitz), the most important buildings in Brzezinka (Birkenau) and an exhibition of sketches of one of the first prisoners.

Price: from 199 PLN

Una passeggiata natalizia lungo le vie di Cracovia

La visita di Cracovia nel periodo delle festività natalizie offre la possibilità irripetibile di osservare da vicino le tradizioni polacche legate al Natale. Durante una passeggiata di 3 ore i turisti potranno vedere i presepi tradizionali realizzati a mano, il mercatino di Natale nella Piazza del Mercato e la stalla di Betlemme con veri animali.
Il percorso della passeggiata comprende Piazza Matejko, Piazza del Mercato, Colle di Wawel, Chiesa dei Bernardini, Finestra del Papa e Chiesa dei Francescani.

Vivi la magia delle feste nella città polacca più bella!

Price: from 90 PLN

Gita di benvenuto a Cracovia

Ti diamo il benvenuto a Cracovia! Sei qui per la prima volta e vuoi sapere cosa vale la pena di vedere in città e nella regione? O forse hai già visitato Cracovia e vuoi vedere qualcosa di nuovo?
Ti invitiamo a fruire del nostro Welcome Tour. Durante la visita, la nostra guida esperta ti presenterà le storie e i luoghi più interessanti di Cracovia e dintorni. Inoltre, ti proporrà le forme più interessanti per trascorrere il tempo nella Regia Città di Cracovia. Alla fine, potrai gustare i formaggi montanari più caratteristici (“oscypki”). Spenderai soltanto 1 PLN.

Price: from 1 PLN

Birkenau Tour (Auschwitz II)

KL Auschwitz-Birkenau (Konzentrationslager Auschwitz-Birkenau) was the largest German Nazi concentration and extermination camp, which was built in the outskirts of Oświęcim (annexed as Auschwitz to the Third Reich). Altogether, over 1.1 million men, women and children, mainly the Jewish population, lost their lives in the camp. One of the few prisoners who managed to survive the imprisonment period was Marian Kołodziej – the author of a series of sketches Frames of Memory. Labyrinths that depict shocking scenes of life in the camp. Apart from sightseeing the biggest part of the camp – Birkenau, participants of the Pictures from Auschwitz tour will see the artist’s shocking works about which Rev. Professor Józef Tischner said: ‘I have been to the Auschwitz camp a couple of times, I have walked around Birkenau. But I have never seen there what I saw at this exhibition. My impression is this: it is here that the real Auschwitz is found. This is actually all I am able to say: the real Auschwitz is here.’

Price: from 169 PLN

Communism Tour – Deluxe

Nowa Huta – a symbol of the culture of Polish socialist realism, with an urban layout created from scratch by communists whose desire was to build an idealistic socialist city. Lavishly financed by Moscow, it was to serve as an exemplary industrial-housing complex.

Price: from 199 PLN

Auschwitz-Birkenau Round-Trip Transfer

If you want to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex by yourself and you are wondering how to get there – we have a perfect solution for you.

Price: from 89 PLN

Birkenau Concentration Camp (Auschwitz II) and Wieliczka Salt Mine – 1 day tour

Tourists arriving in Kraków for a couple days certainly want to take advantage of the city’s rich offer without having to choose between one of the world’s most recognisable destinations located in the Kraków region: the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Birkenau Concentration Camp. To provide tourists with an opportunity to see both of these places, while taking into consideration the limited time of their stay, we decided to combine these two options into a single, one-day trip.

Price: from 299 PLN
Krakow Underground Museum

Sotterranei della Piazza del Mercato – visita guidata

Passeggiando per la Piazza del Mercato di Cracovia, poche persone sono a conoscenza dell’autentico tesoro che si trova sotto le suole delle loro scarpe. Accedi con noi a un mondo sotterraneo pieno di misteri, dove vengono presentate le vicende più antiche del luogo chiave per la borghesia locale – la Piazza del Mercato. Grazie al lavoro degli archeologi sono stati resi accessibili 6000m2 di superficie sotterranea, presso la quale potremo conoscere i 1000 anni di storia di questo luogo. Vedremo le ricostruzioni delle case e del laboratorio del fabbro risalente al periodo altomedievale, ammireremo le fondazioni del primo mercato del tessuto, muoveremo i nostri passi sulle vere strade dell’epoca, sentendo i rumori che caratterizzavano la piazza di allora. Il tutto è arricchito da presentazioni multimediali, apparecchiature, nonché da un’esposizione di oggetti autentici risalenti ai vari periodi storici di Cracovia, rinvenuti durante i lavori di scavo effettuati.

Price: from 70 PLN

Discesa tradizionale del fiume Dunajec

Con questa gita potrete scoprire uno dei luoghi più belli della Polonia, quale senza dubbio è la Valle del Dunajec.

Price: from 240 PLN

Energylandia. Parco dei divertimenti

Energylandia is the biggest amusement park in Poland. It covers 26 hectares and offers several dozen attractions. Energylandia Amusement Park is located in Zator, in a picturesque area, 60 minutes away from Kraków. The idea behind creating this place was to provide the highest quality entertainment for people of all ages – children, teenagers and adults. The complex consists of more than 30 state-of-the-art rides and attractions, both those extreme as well as family ones.

Price: from 180 PLN

Trail of the Eagles’ Nests

Learn about Polish history, visit beautiful and romantic ruins of medieval castles and admire the picturesque landscape of Polish Jurassic Highland! Go with us out of the city to follow Trail of the Eagles’ Nests – a chain of castles dated mostly to the 14th century, which is perched on large limestone rocks between Kraków and Częstochowa. They were built by the order of our king, Casimir the Great, to protect important trading routes and Kraków, the former capital of Poland. Nowadays it is a protected area called The Eagles’ Nests Landscape Park.

Price: from od 270 PLN

Zakopane and the wooden architecture (only in Spanish)

¿Vienes de vacaciones a Cracovia y quieres disfrutar de todo lo ofrece? Si estas visitando Cracovia, ¡no te puedes perder Zakopane! – una ciudad a unos 100km de Cracovia rodeada de naturaleza, a los pies de las montañas Tatras. Perfecta tanto para conocer la increíble arquitectura de madera que tanto la caracteriza!

Price: from 290 PLN
Auschwitz-Birkenau Guided Tour

Visita privata del Museo Auschwitz-Birkenau con guida

La Germania nazista, nel 1939, attaccò la Polonia. Purtroppo, la sconfitta subita dal nostro paese nella guerra difensiva fece sì che le zone occidentali del paese, dove sorge la città di Oświęcim, vennero annesse al Terzo Reich. I nazisti sostituirono i toponimi polacchi con toponimi tedeschi. Il nome di Oświęcim venne trasformato in Auschwitz, da cui deriva la denominazione del campo. La storia del campo KL Auschwitz è suddivisa in due periodi fondamentali: 1940-1942 e 1942-1944. Nel primo dei periodi indicati, la struttura svolse la funzione di campo di concentramento, all’interno dei quali i prigionieri perivano lentamente. Nel secondo periodo, Auschwitz divenne il più grande centro per lo sterminio immediato e di massa dei prigionieri di origine ebraica. La trasformazione fu dovuta al piano di annientamento della popolazione ebraica introdotto dalle autorità del Terzo Reich, tristemente noto con il nome di Olocausto.

Price: from on request PLN

Former Ghetto and KL Płaszów guided tour

Prima della II guerra mondiale, la comunità ebraica rappresentava un quarto degli abitanti di Cracovia. Secondo il censimento commissionato nel 1939 dagli occupanti, questo gruppo etnico era costituito da 64 000 persone. Dopo la guerra, il numero crollò fino a circa 1000 unità. I partecipanti al „Former ghetto and KL Płaszów guided tour” potranno conoscere la tragica storia degli Ebrei di Cracovia e visiteranno alcuni dei punti chiave, legati agli eventi del periodo compreso tra il 1939 e il 1945.

Price: from 100 PLN

Passeggiata di quattro ore per le vie di Cracovia – Città Vecchia e antico quartiere ebraico

“Kraków small group walking tour 4 hours – Old Town and Jewish quarter” is a four-hour walking tour created for those tourists who want to discover the richest history of the former capital of Poland in an attractive price. The tour, full of anecdotes, legends and touching stories, will enrich tourists’ knowledge with interesting bits and pieces connected with Kraków and its residents at that time.

Price: from 100 PLN

Gita sugli sci

Skiing is a great way to spend your leisure time in an active way. It can help to unwind both physically and mentally and provides plenty of attractions and adventures, becoming a great way to upgrade your winter stay in Poland. Both ski amateurs and pros should visit ski slope in Białka Tatrzańska, the biggest ski station located in Podhale, where you can spend four or six hours sliding down the 1400-meter long ski slope. You do not need to worry about equipment – we provide you with skis, ski boots and a helmet. We organize trips to other ski slopes on request too.

Price: from 300 PLN

Discese sugli sci e relax nelle piscine termali

A whole day of relaxing sensations and attractions? Visit the region of the Polish Tatra Mountains to enjoy skiing in Kotelnica Białczańska Ski Resort, considered to be one of the best ski resorts in Poland and warm up relaxing in the thermal pools after your skiing adventure.

Price: from 400 PLN

Zakopane. Nel cuore dei monti Tatra

Vieni a scoprire Zakopane, meta turistica di montagna situata ai piedi dei monti Tatra; ammira gli splendidi paesaggi naturali ed assaggia il tradizionale formaggio montanaro oscypek!

Price: from 250 PLN

Wieliczka Salt Mine: skip the lines

Discover the Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of the world’s oldest mines and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can explore remarkable underground corridors and carved chapels and see why this site attracts over 1 million tourists every year.

Price: from 89 PLN

Miniera di sale di Wieliczka

L’unica miniera di sale al mondo conservata in condizioni praticamente perfette. Scoprite perché è stata inserita già nella prima lista del Patrimonio mondiale dell’UNESCO e perché attira oltre un milione di turisti all’anno.

Price: from 80 PLN
Schindler’s Factory

Visita guidata del Museo “Fabbrica di Oskar Schindler”

Il Museo della Fabbrica di Schindler è un luogo da dover assolutamente visitare per poter comprendere pienamente la storia della seconda guerra mondiale e la sua influenza sulla città di Cracovia ed i suoi abitanti.

Price: from 65 PLN

WOWKrakow! Hop On Hop Off Bus

Wow Krakow! – Hop On Hop Off Bus is a specifically designed bus, dedicated to those who appreciate the convenience of an individual schedule of the city tour. It is as simple as choosing one of the two ticket options – 24h or 48h – to enjoy the unforgettable adventure of exploring the historic city of Krakow from a comfortable open-top bus.

Price: from 55 PLN

Wadowice. La città natale di Giovanni Paolo II

Ti condurremo all’insegna di un viaggio sentimentale nel sud della Polonia. Ti faremo conoscere la storia del pontificato di Giovanni Paolo II. Verrai a conoscenza di che tipo di uomo fosse, della filosofia che seguisse e di come tutelasse i valori del cattolicesimo. Visiterai la sua casa di famiglia a Wadowice ed anche il più grande calvario di tutta Europa: il santuario di Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. Visiterai il Santuario della Divina Misericordia a Łagiewniki, dove sono custodite le reliquie della Prima Santa del Terzo Millenio – la Sorella Faustyna Kowalska, canonizzata da Giovanni Paolo II.

Price: from 225 PLN

Wadowice. La città natale di Giovanni Paolo II. Percorso per soggetti a mobilità ridotta

“Everything started here, in this town, in Wadowice” – these were the words of John Paul II referring to his hometown in conversation with its inhabitants on 16th June 1999 during his last pilgrimage to Wadowice. A trip in the footsteps of the man whose life inspired and was followed by millions of people from all around the world allows the participants to go back in time to the childhood and young years of Karol Wojtyła, as well as the subsequent period of his priesthood.

Price: from 230 PLN

Częstochowa. The Black Madonna

Il complesso del santuario di Jasna Góra e lo splendido e famoso ritratto della miracolosa Vergine Maria di Częstochowa sono uno dei luoghi che ogni hanno milioni di pellegrini si recano a visitare.

Price: from 270 PLN

Częstochowa. Santuario della Madonna di Częstochowa. Percorso per soggetti a mobilità ridotta

Częstochowa, precisely the Jasna Góra Monastery situated in the central part of the city, has been the destination of tourists and pilgrims from around the world for centuries. It is all because of the miraculous icon housed in the Jasna Góra Monastery, the origins of which are shrouded in mystery. We invite you to avail yourself of the unique opportunity to see the place attracting millions of people from all around the world every year.

Price: from 300 PLN

Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum

Il Museo Auschwitz Birkenau rappresenta il luogo commemorativo per eccellenza della più vecchia fabbrica di morte che si sia mai vista nella storia del Mondo, luogo appositamente creato, voluto ed organizzato dai tedeschi: il campo di concentramento di Oświęcim.

Price: from 140 PLN

Gita in montagna, su una slitta trainata da cavalli

Visit Zakopane, a little town called the winter capital of Poland. Wrap up in a warm blanket, inhale the fresh air and enjoy the horse-drawn sleigh ride. Relax, admire the Polish Nature and take a break from the urban blitz.

Price: from 300 PLN

Trasferimento dall’aeroporto

Assicuratevi il trasporto dall’aeroporto al vostro alloggio ancora prima della partenza per Cracovia! Risparmiate tempo e viaggiate comodamente! Affidatevi alla nostra esperienza!

Price: from 100 PLN

Il museo di Auschwitz-Birkenau e la miniera di sale “Wieliczka” in un giorno.

I turisti che giungono a Cracovia per trascorrervi più giorni, vogliono avere la possibilità di fruire della ricca offerta di attrazioni senza dover rinunciare a nessuno dei luoghi più noti a livello mondiali, situati nell’area urbana e nelle zone limitrofe (come nel caso della miniera di sale “Wieliczka” e del museo Auschwitz-Birkenau. Volendo dare ai turisti la possibilità di vedere entrambi i luoghi, visto e considerato il tempo limitato del soggiorno, abbiamo deciso di collegare le due offerte in una sola escursione, realizzata nel corso di una giornata.

Price: from 299 PLN

Miniera di sale di Wieliczka. Percorso dei minatori

Vedi la miniera della parte del lavoro del minatore! Descendi sotto terra tramite il più vecchio pozzo minerario – Regis, seguendo il percorso lontano dei circuiti turistici. Sentireiti come il minatore: con l’abito di lavoro, utilizzando l’attrezzatura mineraria e eseguendo i dovuti indicati per la guida. Fai conoscenza della vita sottoterranea, scopri i segreti dell’industria mineraria e le camere sconosciute. Impara come indicare il camino, analizzare i l livello di concentrazione di metano, escavare e trasportare il sale!

Price: from 160 PLN

Miniera di sale di Wieliczka. Percorso per soggetti a mobilità ridotta

We invite you to avail yourself of the unique opportunity to visit the most beautiful nooks of the historic Salt Mine in the town of Wieliczka, active continuously since the Middle Ages. The section of the Tourist Route adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities is rich with the most amazing works of art sculpted throughout the many centuries of laborious miners’ work continued to this day.

Price: from 215 PLN

Tatra Mountains

The winter capital of Poland is a perfect place for all fans of hiking and trekking, both for beginners and for experienced ones. The Tatras, the highest part of Carpathian Mountains, distinguish by delightful richeness of plant and they are home to many species of animals.

Price: from 280 PLN

Piscine termali in montagna

A whole day of relaxing sensations and attractions? The BUKOVINA thermal pools make a perfect destination for those who want to pamper their bodies and minds. Poland’s biggest geothermal pool complex situated 1000 metres above sea level in the picturesque town of Bukowina Tatrzańska offer excellent leisure time activities which are extremely beneficial to the body.

Price: from 250 PLN

Kraków Must Sees

Visit the city with private guide and discover its top attractions and the most famous sights in one day! During 5-hour tour with private guide you will visit the Old Town as well as Jewish Quarter Kazimierz.

Price: from 140 PLN

Wawel Royal Castle tour

The Royal Castle on top of limestone Wawel Hill located on the edge of the Old Town is one of the most important symbols of Kraków and Poland. When Kraków was the capital of Poland, Wawel was the format seat of our kings. The building is a mixture of Medieval, Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque style.

Price: from 140 PLN
Krakow Old Town

Passeggiata per la Città Vecchia di Cracovia

Vi invitiamo a visitare con noi il bellissimo centro storico della città di Cracovia (Kraków). Partecipando alla nostra gita, potrete visitare i monumenti storici e i luoghi più interessanti e più belli della città vecchia, e immergervi nella straordinaria atmosfera della nostra magica città.

Price: from 70 PLN
Jewish Quarter Krakow - Kazimierz Krakow

Passeggiata per le vie di Kazimier – antico quartiere ebraico

Kazimierz è lo storico quartiere ebraico di Cracovia. Gli stretti vicoli, gli incantevoli cortili e le piazze di questa parte della città costituiscono un singolare esempio dell’architettura ebraica. Kazimierz prende il nome dal re Casimiro il Grande, a cui deve la sua esistenza. Nel corso della storia successiva, questo luogo è diventato parte integrante di Cracovia.

Price: from 70 PLN


Do you want to spend time with your friends in the spirit of positive competition? Step into the boots of a professional shooter and feel the adrenaline rush while holding a real gun in your hand!
The shooting experience is a new addition to our offer, adressing both men and women who are looking for thrill and excitement. If you are searching for an unforgettable experience, want to relax actively after a whole day of sightseeing, or just want to learn about firing different types of weapons, this offer is for you! The price of the shooting package includes assistance of an English-speaking, firearms instructor, professional training with several types of firearms, such as Colt 1911, Kalashnikov or Shotgun, private transport, and shooting eye wear and ear muffs.

You can choose one of the three packages, which include shots from short, long, and historical weapons from World War II.
The shooting range is located in a charming, green area, located in the suburbs of Kraków, just 8 km from the Main Market Square.
Don’t miss it! Gather a group of friends and have a great time in the spirit of positive competition.

Price: from 160 PLN

Esibizione folcloristica

The Folk Show is a combination of traditional folk dances, singing and the colourful costumes that are characteristic elements of Polish folklore. In the climate of a famous 19th-century Kraków café called Jama Michalika [Michalik’s Den], tourists will experience the local tradition and culture of Poland expressed both in an artistic show and in the cuisine.

Price: from 99 PLN

Klezmer Music Concert

The roots of klezmer music are melodies played in shtetls and ghettos of Eastern Europe at the occasion of festive events. Klezmer rhythms are a mix of typical traditional melodies – mainly Jewish, Slavic, Turkish and Gypsy. From the 16th century, lyrics were added to the melodies. From that time onwards, Jewish music began to develop more rapidly; today its unique rhythms are recognised in all parts of the world.

Price: from 50 PLN

Concerto della regia orchestra da camera

We invite all lovers of classical and chamber music to a musical feast. The concert of the Chamber Orchestra is a perfect occasion to listen to a variety of compositions ranging from classical to contemporary music. An exceptional atmosphere will be guaranteed by the Royal Chamber Orchestra – a Kraków string ensemble that will present their skills in the small Church of St. Adalbert (Kraków’s oldest church) situated on the most beautiful square in Europe – the Main Square.

Price: from 65 PLN

Concerto con musiche di Chopin

The concert dedicated to the works of Frederic Chopin – a true master of the piano and an icon of Polish and European music – is a presentation of the artist’s most famous piano pieces performed by renowned pianists, Including: Witold Wilczek, Maria Baka-Wilczek, Dobrochna Krówka, Piotr Szczepanik and Kazuko Tsuji.

Price: from 60 PLN

Gita in Segway

La gita di quattro ore in Segway consente di visitare la maggior parte delle principali attrazioni di Cracovia. Piccoli gruppi e guide esperte garantiscono buone impressioni e un alto livello della gita.

Price: from 160 PLN

WOWKrakow! by night tour & taste

WOWKrakow! by night tour & taste is a perfect idea for visitors interested in an out-of-the-box city tour offer. An evening city ride on a double-decker open-top bus followed by a walk to the Krakus Mound is an ideal opportunity to eyewitness the beauty of Krakow’s nature and architecture. The tour will end in one of Krakow’s restaurants, where a tasting of exquisite Polish wines and cheeses will be held.

Price: from 119 PLN

Varsavia. La capitale polacca

Grazie alla nostra gita, dedicandole un giorno potrete visitare Varsavia e tutti i suoi siti e monumenti più importanti.

Price: from 539 PLN

Percorso dell’Architettura in Legno

Vi invitiamo ad un viaggio grazie al quale sentirete lo spirito e l’atmosfera dei tempi passati.

Price: from 190 PLN

Ojców National Park

Estabilished in 1956 Ojców National Park is only 25 km away from Kraków’s Old Town. This picturesque area is full of mysterious caves, amazing castles, ruins and limestone rocks. The Park is characterised by richeness of species and interesting rock formations.

Price: from 260 PLN
Krakow Old Town

Passeggiata per le vie di Cracovia, nei luoghi di Giovanni Paolo II

Percorri le tracce di Giovanni Paolo II, visita i luoghi a lui legati con la nostra visita a piedi per Cracovia.

Price: from 100 PLN

VIP transfers

We invite you to use our VIP transfer service with the 4Transfer brand. We ensure professional service, safety and the high comfort of travelling by luxury Premium-class minivans. During each journey, we offer help in luggage transport, a bottle of water, and a brochure with a map of Kraków. We provide travel service in both directions from any place in Poland to the destination where you intend to stay.

Price: from 100 PLN

Transfer to tourist attractions

The offer of a transfer to tourist attractions is addressed to persons who want to choose the components of their trip on their own. Our service is fully flexible and takes account of any needs you may have. We offer the possibility of reserving a transfer in both directions, during which the driver’s waiting time during the tour will be included in the price of the service. We handle transfers both for larger groups and individual customers.

Price: from 100 PLN

Non-standard transfers

We invite you to use our non-standard transfer service, under which we provide high-quality transfers on all kinds of occasions at any time and to any place in Poland. Since 2003, the 4Transfer by SeeKrakow brand has been providing professional travel services on local and national routes. We serve all kinds of ceremonies and family parties (weddings, wedding parties, First Communion parties, anniversaries, etc.), provide professional service of events, conferences and training courses and offer daily transfer services for individual Customers and groups travelling in Poland for tourist purposes.

Price: from on request PLN

Transfers for disabled persons

The offer of transfer for disabled persons is addressed to the local community and to tourists travelling across Poland. We guarantee professional driver service, including support for a person moving by wheelchair when getting into and out of the vehicle. The vehicle available in our offer is equipped with an approach ramp and a wheelchair, so our Customers do not need to worry about their comfort during the journey. The car has leather seats and an ergonomic space for a person moving by wheelchair.

Price: from 100 PLN

Birrerie Ducali di Tychy

Con la nostra gita, avrete la possibilità di visitare una delle più grandi e delle più note birrerie polacche, assaggiando l’ottima birra e apprendendo i segreti della sua produzione.

Price: from 150 PLN

Birrerie Ducali di Tychy. Percorso per soggetti a mobilità ridotta

Historic architecture, impressive history and the golden beverage brewed incessantly for 400 years with great care for quality and one-of-a-kind taste – this is what the Duke’s Brewery in Tychy offers. We invite you to visit the pearl of Silesian architecture and learn the incredible story of the factory development and the evolving recipe of beer brewing.

Price: from 190 PLN

Degustazione Della Vodka

Desiderate qualcosa che renda il vostro soggiorno a Cracovia davvero memorabile? La nostra proposta è la soluzione giusta per tutti coloro che hanno risposto a questa domanda in modo affermativo.

Price: from 80 PLN

Visite legate al comunismo

Nowa Huta, nel programma del governo polacco del dopoguerra, doveva essere un paradiso comunista, una creazione autonoma indipendente da Cracovia. Oggi è il più grande quartiere della città. Grazie alla nostra gita, potrete vedere come appariva la vita qui nell’epoca buia del socialismo.

Price: from 139 PLN


Paintball è un gioco divertente nel quale i partecipanti, dotati di attrezzature professionali, hanno la possibilità di testare i propri riflessi e la propria forma fisica! Durante la gita proponiamo scenari di gioco inconsueti! È un divertimento sia per gli uomini che per le donne.

Price: from 100 PLN

Rafting sul fiume Dunajec

Il rafting è una sfida ai fiumi di montagna su speciali gommoni certificati. Garantiamo un pieno di adrenalina e gran divertimento per tutti. I partecipanti prendono parte attiva alla discesa, poiché, senza il lavoro di squadra, non si può vincere! Il rafting è uno sport estremo, ma può anche essere praticato sui fiumi facili. Possiamo adattare l’offerta in rapporto al livello del gruppo.

Price: from 250 PLN

Visita della città in golf car (opzione standard)

Tours by electric Melex cars equipped with audio guides prepared in co-operation with licensed tour guides and translators and recorded by native speakers.

Price: from 39 PLN

Taste of Poland. Food Tour

We love our local Polish cuisine and want to share this passion with tourists! Our experienced guide will invite tourists to places that are famous for serving traditional culinary delicacies, where they will not only taste local dishes but will also learn how to prepare them! While discovering the culinary side of Kraków, tourists will be taken to places that are known mainly to the native inhabitants of the city.

Price: from 120 PLN