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Impressions of Wroclaw by David from Pamplona, Spain

fountain in wroclaw

Time for one of Poland’s most popular cities. This time you will find out how David has kept Wroclaw in his memory.

A walk through the city

I loved the trip to Wroclaw, a city full of life and a good atmosphere where despite the short time we were there we could enjoy a lot of this city.


I was very impressed by the market square because besides being beautiful and full of colors, there was always something new to discover, we crossed the square more than 5 times and we always found something new that we had not seen before. In this square, you could find bars, restaurants, and stores of all kinds, it was impossible to get bored here.

Wroclaw is full of emblematic buildings such as the church of John the Baptist or the town hall that are so beautiful that they take your breath away. 

In addition to the picturesque streets, we were very struck by the large number of bridges in the city, everything was connected by bridges and that’s when I understood why they called it Polish Venice. I really liked the bridge of love or Tumski bridge which was completely covered by love padlocks and made it a super romantic place.

Little inhabitants of Wroclaw

Finally, what certainly impressed us most were its inhabitants but I am not talking about its citizens who also treated us very well, but the small inhabitants who watch over the city day and night. Surely if you have read or seen something of Wroclaw you know what I mean because it turns out that the city is full of sculptures of dwarfs. In every corner of the city, there is a dwarf doing something or posing in different ways depending on where it is located, for example, there was one in front of a bank that was withdrawing money in a mini ATM or the one next to the bookstore that was reading a book, etc. in total there are more than 175 dwarfs scattered around the city.

We spent the whole day walking around the beautiful streets of Wroclaw but always looking for dwarves because it was really fun to look for dwarves and see the different poses they had.

a cat lying on a sidewalk


In conclusion, visiting Wroclaw was a very nice experience where we got to know one of the most important cities in Poland and where we had a great time.

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