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KRAKOW’S IMPRESSIONS by David from Pamplona, Spain

Walk Tour in Krakow

New series on the blog – texts written by our foreign interns!


My mother had already warned me about the climate in Poland, she told me to be careful with the cold and to wear always a good hat, that’s what mothers are like :).

The first day I arrived, Krakow welcomed me with a burst of spectacular sunshine, I was in the Main Market Square (“Rynek Główny”) in short sleeves at more than 20 degrees and I thought that my mother had been wrong for the first time in history, but as always the one who was wrong was me, because the next day a huge snow felt, and I learned two great things: mothers are never wrong and the weather in Krakow is absolutely crazy.

Main Market Square in Krakow

That same day I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life, the sky was painted with an intense orange then little by little the purple colour appeared and merged perfectly with the orange, creating a magical place, more typical for the world of Narnia than ours.

a woman sitting on a park bench

The first thing that struck me was to see so many people sitting alone in the park that surrounds the city, reading outdoors or listening to music, enjoying the absolute tranquillity, no rush, no stress, no worries, and sadly that is very difficult to see in any other city. I was surprised how clean the streets were and I thought that in Krakow people are quite responsible in that sense and in general they care a lot about not dirtying their city. And the third thing that made me fall in love with this city was when I went into a café and saw how carefully decorated it was, here they take care of the smallest details in the decoration and thanks to this there are cafés and bars that transport you to magical places.

My first impression of Krakow was fantastic, I found it to be a very welcoming place with lots of stories to tell and with very committed citizens who really love their city.

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