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Wieliczka salt mine-why should we visit it?


On the tourist map of Poland there are very many points that attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. Definitely among this group is the Wieliczka salt mine. What should we know about it? Why does the mine host thousands of tourists every year? Let’s take a closer look at the issue. Ready for a handful of practical tips? Curious? Let’s get started!

A handful of key information

Wieliczka Salt Mine is located in close proximity to Krakow. We have appreciated this place for a long time. In 1976, the mine was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1978, we distinguished the mine on a global scale. It was included in the first UNESCO World Heritage List. In 1996, we stopped mining the deposits, and the mine became only a tourist site.

Currently, we can find in the mine extremely interesting interactive exhibitions, exhibits and preserved natural excavations, making the Wieliczka salt mine a unique opportunity to see the work, mining and the whole nature of such places “from behind the scenes”.

In the mine we will be able to find crystal caves. This is one of the most beautiful places hidden by the tourist route. It is in them that we can admire the nature reserve of the same name, which contains exceptionally large specimens of halite crystals. Importantly, most of the grottoes have been preserved intact, making the view for tourists delightful.

Cracow Saltworks Museum

In the Wieliczka salt mine we can find not only extremely interesting tourist routes, but also the Cracow Saltworks Museum, which deserves special attention. The museum is located on the third level of the mine, so it is at a depth of 135 meters underground. Extremely interesting collections await tourists, which are enclosed in 14 chambers. In the museum we can admire the fate of the mine, various types of equipment and tools that were used for mining, as well as for transporting salt. What’s more, the museum’s exposition also includes a section devoted to the history of the city itself.

An excellent tourist attraction for the youngest as well

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is an excellent place for a trip also for children. Underground we can find very many attractions that will remain in the memory of every young tourist for a long time. In the Wieliczka salt mine we can find a great many secrets hidden in its underground. Among the most popular tourist attractions that await children are:

  • The Spirit of the Mine Treasurer, who will take the youngest tourists on an extraordinary adventure,
  • The Legend of St. Kinga’s Ring,
  • Salt lakes that make dreams come true,
  • Sculptures carved in salt,
  • Delicious underground restaurant

and many others. No wonder that the Wieliczka Salt Mine hosts a huge number of school trips or individual visits by children with Parents every year. Underground tours are an extremely creative idea for spending a nice time with the youngest tourists, who count on the power of various attractions.

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