Full of unique beauty and active continuously since the Middle Ages – the historic Wieliczka Salt Mine is visited by tourists every day, showing the most amazing works of art sculpted throughout the many centuries of laborious miners’ work. The underground Wieliczka Salt Mine boasts kilometres of walkways and ramps, magnificent chambers, lakes and breathtaking salt statues. Modern technology can also be come across along the route to educate those eager to learn more about the Mine. The smell of salt wafting through the air, therapeutic microclimate, impressive chambers, wooden structures and perfection to the tiniest detail – the charms of the Tourist Route attract and enrapture over one million visitors travelling every year from different parts of the world. Many people are taken aback by how huge the Mine is. It is hard to imagine – the Tourist Route involves almost 800 steps to climb and over 2 kilometres of meandering corridors. The tour lasts 2 hours, although this part of the Mine makes up for only 1% of the entire underground world! Hence, the tourists are guided by an experienced museum guide – we advise you to follow the group closely and keep an eye on the guide at all times!

The Wieliczka Salt Mine was one of the first among 12 sites from all around the world to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most frequently visited tourist sites in the world!

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Price list

Price list

Tours before 8 a.m and from 3.30 p.m.:
Adults 160 PLN
Students 140 PLN
Children 90 PLN
Infants GRATIS
Tour from 8 a.m. till 3.30 p.m. (inclusive)
Adults 170 PLN
Students 150 PLN
Children 100 PLN
Infants GRATIS
Adults 190 PLN
Students 160 PLN
Children 110 PLN
Infants GRATIS

The price includes:

  • hotel/hostel pick-up,
  • transport by air conditioned minibus,
  • professional Salt Mine guide,
  • professional tour leader,
  • hotel/hostel drop-off.

Important information

1. This is a regular tour (group sightseeing), but can be organised as a private tour on request.

2. Tour duration: 4–5 hours

3. For safety reasons, before entering the mine, every participant in required to undergo a search and luggage inspection.

4. The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine allows you to bring a hand luggage item with maximum dimensions of 35 ˣ 20 ˣ 20 centimetres (13.7 ˣ 7.8 ˣ 7.8 inches).

5. The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine is located 135 metres (443 feet) underground, where the air temperature is approx. 14–16 degrees Celsius (57–61 degrees Fahrenheit). Therefore, the participants should bring warm clothes (e.g. sweaters, jackets).

6. This is partly a walking tour, so the participants should wear comfortable sports shoes.

7. The mine tour begins with walking down 800 stairs underground and ends with a lift ride.

8. During the holiday period (from 29.12.2018 till 2.01.2019) the availability and prices of trips will change. For more details, please contact the seller.


1. Students ticket (13-25 years) with a valid student ID card.

2. Child ticket (5-12 years) and infant ticket (0-4 years) with a document confirming age.

3. Infant/Child tickets are available only to families travelling with children.

4. Prices of discount tickets are offered only to individual tourists, not to groups.


  • ENGLISH (September) - everyday
    9.00 am, 2.45 pm
  • ENGLISH (October) - everyday
    9.00 am, 11.00 am, 2.45 pm
  • ENGLISH (November) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
    3.45 pm
  • ENGLISH (From November to December) - everyday
    9.00 am, 2.45 pm
  • ENGLISH - 3.12.2018
    11.00 am
  • ANGIELSKI - 31.12.2018
  • ITALIAN (September) - everyday
    2.15 pm
  • ITALIAN (October) - everyday
    3.45 pm
  • ITALIAN (From November to December) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
    3.45 pm
  • ITALIAN - 3.12.2018
    11.00 am
  • ITALIAN - 31.12.2018
    1.00 pm
  • SPANISH (From September to October) - everyday
    3.45 pm
  • SPANISH (From November to December) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
    3.45 pm
  • SPANISH - 3.12.2018
    11.00 am
  • SPANISH - 31.12.2018
    1.00 pm
  • FRENCH (from September to October) - everyday
    9.00 am
  • FRENCH (From November to December) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
    3.45 pm
  • FRENCH - 3.12.2018
    11.00 am
  • FRENCH - 31.12.2018
    1.00 pm
  • GERMAN (From September to October) - everyday
    3.45 am
  • GERMAN (From November to December) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
    3.45 pm
  • GERMAN - 3.12.2018
    11.00 am
  • GERMAN - 31.12.2018
    1.00 pm

Departure time depends on the pick up point. You will receive all information while booking. Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour is unavailable on January 1st, December 24th, December 25th.

More about the tour

The scenic Tourist Route is the pearl of the treasure of the Lesser Poland region – the Wieliczka Salt Mine. The tourists will reach the depth of 135 meters and learn about the ethos of hard work performed by the generations of miners facing the forces of nature. A perfect example of the mining efforts is the Michałowice chamber, impressing the visitors with its 36-metre tall wooden structure lit by a 6-metre tall and 3-metre wide chandelier made of salt crystals. However, this is only a fraction of breathtaking sights the trip participants will see along the route. The tourists will also listen to Frédéric Chopin’s étude in the famous Weimar chamber upon a saline lake, learn about the legend of Duchess Kinga who brought the treasure of salt to Poland, and reach the heart of the Mine – St. Kinga’s Chapel embodying the artistic and mining efforts. Visitors who wish to use their photo cameras during the route are requested to purchase a special permit, available at sales point along the tour route.

The tour starts at the Danilowicz Shaft. Here, the visitors will meet their guide, who will tell them everything they want to know about the history and secrets of the Mine. The tourists will descend the 380 stairs to the first level of the Mine situated 64 metres underground. The entire route consists of some 800 stairs – as no longer lunch break is included in the itinerary, please remember to take comfortable clothes and footwear.


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