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Code of conduct in national parks and nature conservation sites. – Guidelines for UTC Tour Operator clients.

a path surrounded by trees
  1. Respect the environment:
    – Behave in a way that minimises negative impacts on the surrounding nature.
    – Do not destroy vegetation, pick wild flowers, collect mushrooms or fruit or disturb the natural cycles of animals.
  2.  Respect designated trails and signage:
    – Stick to designated paths and trails to minimise damage to fragile ecosystems.
    – Respect nature conservation signage and restrictions on entering specific areas.
  3.  Leave a minimal footprint:
    – Take all waste and rubbish with you and do not leave it in national parks.
    – Make sure that your actions do not negatively affect the aesthetics and ecology of the place.
    – Avoid loud conversations and noise that may frighten animals. Turn off music and use mobile phones responsibly.
  4. Protect wildlife:
    – Don’t get too close to wild animals and don’t frighten them or disturb their natural habitat.
    – Do not feed wild animals, this can alter their behaviour and health.
  5. Use resources responsibly:
    – Conserve water and energy by using them wisely.
    – Avoid wasting food and other resources.
  6. Explore and educate:
    – Be open to learning and education about conservation and sustainability.
    – Share knowledge and experiences with others to increase community awareness of environmental issues.
  7.  Develop conscious tourism:
    – Be an example to others, encourage the promotion of eco-tourism and sustainability to other travellers.
    – Choose travel agencies and tourism organisations that are committed to sustainable practices.

– We are guests in nature. It is our responsibility to protect it for future generations.
– By our behaviour we can contribute to the protection of valuable ecosystems and ensure that others can enjoy the beauty of nature.
– By travelling responsibly, we can support the sustainable development of tourism and local communities.

Additional information:
– Some national parks and nature conservation sites may have additional rules and regulations. Please familiarise yourself with these before your trip and strictly adhere to them.
– If you have any questions or concerns, please contact park staff, your travel agent or your guide.

Responsible offer of our office:
We hereby declare that we do not organise excursions that would include wild animal shows, with the exception of visits to city zoos that operate in accordance with the regulations and the applicable law on botanical gardens, zoos, animal rehabilitation centres and animal asylums.
In our offer you will not find hunting proposals, we do not offer souvenirs with wildlife or animal elements for sale. We also encourage you to read our document warning against the purchase of illegal souvenirs.
When visiting a National Park or other protected area with us, you can be assured that the guiding service offered will be performed by a guide with the appropriate qualifications and up-to-date knowledge. The certified guide will have a badge in a visible place.

Thank you for travelling responsibly!
Following the above guidelines will allow us to enjoy the beauty of the national parks and nature conservation sites, while minimising negative impacts on the environment and supporting conservation.

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