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TOP 5 city parks to visit with kids in Kraków

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Kraków is famous for its numerous parks and green areas, such as Planty Krakowskie or Park Jordana. There are approximately 50 parks within the city, covering over 1.5% of the city’s area. These areas serve as green oases in the heart of the city, providing residents and tourists with places to relax, stroll, and engage in recreational activities. We would love to show you our top 5 parks located near the city center that we would recommend to families with children visiting our royal city.

1. Jordan Park

Henryk Jordan Park covers an area of approximately 21.5 hectares and is located between al. 3 Maja (and Błonia), ul. Reymana (and the City Stadium), and ul. Reymonta (and the AGH Student Campus). The park features volleyball, football, and basketball courts, a skate park, playgrounds (including a water playground in the summer), a small pond, a sledding hill in winter, a concert shell, catering facilities, and a cycling town.

2. Bednarski Park

Wojciech Bednarski Park is a city park with significant landscape and historical value, considered one of the most beautiful in the city. It is located on the Krzemionki Podgórskie in a picturesque depression formed as a result of limestone mining and on the slopes of the isolated ridge of the Krakow Gate, at an altitude of 230-240 m above sea level. The park covers an area of 9.2 hectares, with the “Zalesie” included, totaling 13.5 hectares. The park was established in the vicinity of the former quarry, existing since the Middle Ages, on the initiative of Wojciech Bednarski, the director of a school in Podgórze and a social activist. Playground equipment is available for the youngest visitors, while adults can enjoy resting areas and a gym. The park is inhabited by many species of birds and squirrels, and with a bit of luck, one can spot a rabbit or an owl. Heading towards the gym, you can see a nesting box for the owl, while near the playground, there are nesting boxes inhabited by, for example, blue tits.

3. Krakowski Park

Krakowski Park is located within the streets: Czarnowiejska, Szymanowskiego, Al. Mickiewicza, and Pl. Inwalidów, covering an area of 4.93 hectares. This facility is listed in the register of monuments under number A-579. Among other things, you can find a sculpture gallery by Prof. Roman Tarkowski. The park offers spacious promenades for walks, numerous benches for resting, and picturesque fountains. There are playgrounds for children and plenty of space for running and playing on the grass.

4. Dąbie Park

Dąbie Park stretches along the Vistula River from ul. Ofiar Dąbia to al. Pokoju (left bank of the Vistula River) and covers an area of 9.16 hectares. This park is worth visiting due to its interesting location by the Vistula River and numerous cycling paths. Additionally, the park features ping-pong tables, a chess table, a basketball court, and a playground for children.

5. Błonia Krakowskie

Błonia Krakowskie are located within the streets: Piastowska, Al. 3 Maja, and Al. Focha, covering an area of 41.86 hectares. This area is a city park listed in the register of monuments under number A-1114. Dogs can be walked without a leash here, but they must wear muzzles. The “Papal Boulder” commemorating the visits of Pope John Paul II is located on the side of Al. 3 Maja, while the “Józef Piłsudski Boulder” commemorating the tribute paid by the army to Marshal Piłsudski in 1933 is located on the side of Al. Focha. In the winter season, an artificial ice rink operates at the main entrance to Jordan Park. In spring, beautiful wildflower meadows bloom on the Błonia. There are food trucks in the area, and a bicycle path runs around it. The Krakow Błonia is a perfect place for a walk, picnic, or bike/roller skating. The vast meadow also provides opportunities for relaxation and enjoying nature with a beautiful view of Wawel.

Be green in Kraków.

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