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Tours in Krakow by Maider from Pamplona, Spain

basilica of St. Mary's - walk tour

New series on the blog – texts written by our foreign interns!

Tours in Krakow: Old Town Tour

The old town tour started in “Rynek Glowny”. The guide gave us a lot of interesting information about the city, like the history and some legends. We were very interested in the things she was telling us, so we were there for a long time, and we had time to listen to the trumpeter who comes out every hour in the church.

We continue with the tour visiting historical monuments, curious corners, and churches such as the old wall, the university clock, or San Francisco de Asis basilica. The guide spoke very clearly and had an answer for each of the questions we asked. In addition to the necessary information to get to know the city, during the tour, she recommended restaurants, cafes, and things we could do during our stay in Krakow.

We finished the tour in front of the Wawel Dragon, where she explained to us a funny legend about the dragon. We didn’t see him spit fire, but only for the legend, it was worth it.

I really enjoyed the tour. What I may have missed was an entrance to the cathedral, but it was fine this way too.

kościół mariacki

Tours in Krakow: Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter tour began in the city center with an introduction to the history of Jewish life in Poland, and in Krakow. The guide enjoyed doing his job, and that helped you to follow what he would explain.

The first few minutes were a bit long for me, because it was very cold weather, and the guide told us too many biographies of Jewish persons. I found the biographies individually interesting, but listening to all of them in the first minutes makes me lose interest.

From then, the visit got better. We arrived at the first square, where there were bars, the first cemetery they built in the center of the city, and some synagogues from that time, and I was impressed. I also really liked the story of a musician who played the accordion and was saved from a bullet thanks to the instrument. The market square was amazing too, and the guide did a great job.

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