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Impressions of Zakopane by David from Pamplona, Spain

Morskie Oko

How do people from abroad see our country? You can find out in the text our friends from Spain have prepared for you. Below you will find their thoughts on Zakopane. Get to know David’s impressions!

First impressions

My first impression of Zakopane was absolutely amazing, I didn’t expect to find out that breathtaking landscapes. I thought that Zakopane was a tiny village with beautiful mountain views but I was completely wrong. Zakopane is almost as big as a city and can boast of one of the best landscapes in Poland. I fell in love with its wooden houses, they were so cute and beautiful.

Our first morning in Zakopane was unforgettable, we went into the Tatra mountains and started the Morskie Oko route, a simple and very popular route of about 2 hours that ends in a lake surrounded by mountains. As we went in winter we were lucky to see the landscape covered with snow and to be able to cross the surface of the frozen lake on foot.


What I will remember

For me, it was very special to cross the lake walking because I had never walked on a frozen lake and on top of that lake which is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. Besides, being surrounded by huge mountains makes you feel insignificant. Seeing that landscape was so impressive that I will never forget it.

I also liked the city of Zakopane a lot because of the atmosphere, the people were very nice and they treated us well.

We were lucky to be able to go to the market where all the merchants gather to sell the most traditional products of the area. There we tasted the famous cheese of the mountains that in my opinion was too salty so I recommend that if you try this cheese you do it with jam.

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