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Impressions of Gdansk by David from Pamplona, Spain



Our friends from Spain visited more cities in Poland. This time, you can find out what David felt during his trip to Gdansk. Did the city surprise him with anything? Read on!

First impressions

Gdansk is a magical city, perfect to get lost in its narrow streets and observe the picturesque houses that cover the city.

I loved how welcoming the city was, the people were very nice to us and treated us really well, I felt like I had been living there for a long time. I really liked the Długi Targ, a beautiful walk with the most striking houses in the city and where besides the great atmosphere, you could eat anything from Neapolitan pizza to traditional Polish food.

Interesting sites in Gdansk

When I saw the famous Neptune fountain, one of the most emblematic symbols of the city, I was surprised by how small it was because according to the pictures I had seen I was expecting a huge fountain. Even so, I loved the design of the fountain and the water coming out of the tips of the trident.

We also saw other important buildings such as St. Mary’s Church, the Green Gate, the Golden Gate, and even the Bread Bridge which was covered with love locks. We loved all these wonderful and unique sites.


I was very impressed by the beach walk which was full of life, there were markets with stores of all kinds to buy souvenirs, jewelry, and much more. There were also food stalls with the famous Gdansk Waffles that appeared continuously along the promenade. I treated myself to one of those waffles for breakfast and it was without a doubt one of the best waffles I have ever eaten in my life. Besides the stores and food stalls, along the walk we encountered a lot of things: we saw a fire show, a music concert, a Triathlon race, a free outdoor gym, and all this overlooking the sea. It was a great experience where we were able to enjoy a great atmosphere and meet lots of people who came up to talk to you to have a good time.

We also had time to relax on the Beach and enjoy some great tranquility while sunbathing. 


It was an amazing trip where we could see one of the most beautiful and creative cities in Poland, we could meet the great atmosphere of the people at night and during the day and finally, we could relax while sunbathing on a beautiful beach. I strongly recommend this amazing trip.


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