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Impressions of Auschwitz by David from Pamplona, Spain


What else did our friends from Spain visit? This time David described his trip to the Auschwitz Museum. We invite you to read his impressions.

First impressions

Auschwitz is a place different from all the others I have been to, it is a place that is not pleasant to visit and not to have a good time, it is a place where you are shown the limits of human cruelty and all that a human being can tolerate. But even so, I think it is a mandatory visit that everyone should do because looking, knowing, and remembering one of the greatest tragedies in the history of humanity will prevent it from happening again.


A history lesson

I have never been a history buff and have always found it hard to keep my attention when historical facts were explained to me, but this time I could not stop listening to my guide telling us in a perfect way the historical context of the Holocaust. I really liked how well prepared my guide was, how she explained it to us in a simple way, how she solved any doubt that emerged, and above all how she knew how to emote and make us empathize with all those people who suffered this great tragedy.

The visit to Auschwitz has left me with things engraved in my head that I think I will never forget, such as a large number of suitcases, clothes, brushes, and even hair of the victims of the holocaust that were in those rooms, the methods that the Nazis had to control and prevent rebellions by the prisoners, how they divided the people who were fit to work from those who were not, etc…

The walk through the complex and how well preserved everything was allowed you to imagine what life was like there, you could see how they slept in the barracks, how the cells were, and even something that really shocked me was that you could enter the gas chambers and see all the suffering that was in that place, you could even see scratches and messages on the walls. I will never forget that.

Then we went to Birkenau camp and I was surprised how big it was, you couldn’t see the end of the camp and it was hard to imagine that all that was full of people suffering.



In my opinion, the visit to Auschwitz had a great impact on me because I could imagine a little bit of all that suffering, and also until I went to Auschwitz I wasn’t really aware of all that human beings are capable of doing to other people just because they were born somewhere else.

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