Do you want to spend time with your friends in the spirit of positive competition? Step into the boots of a professional shooter and feel the adrenaline rush while holding a real gun in your hand!
The shooting experience is a new addition to our offer, adressing both men and women who are looking for thrill and excitement. If you are searching for an unforgettable experience, want to relax actively after a whole day of sightseeing, or just want to learn about firing different types of weapons, this offer is for you! The price of the shooting package includes assistance of an English-speaking, firearms instructor, professional training with several types of firearms, such as Colt 1911, Kalashnikov or Shotgun, private transport, and shooting eye wear and ear muffs.

You can choose one of the three packages, which include shots from short, long, and historical weapons from World War II.
The shooting range is located in a charming, green area, located in the suburbs of Kraków, just 8 km from the Main Market Square.
Don’t miss it! Gather a group of friends and have a great time in the spirit of positive competition.
Sample price for the group of 5 people is 160 zł.

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Price list

Available packages

Basic "S" - 25 bullets 220 PLN
Shooter "M" - 45 bullets 290 PLN
Shooter Plus - 50 bullets 370 PLN
VIP "L" - 65 bullets on request PLN
Max „XL” - 91 bullets on request PLN

Basic "S" - 25 bullets

  • Glock - 10 bullets
  • Uzi - 10 bullets
  • Shtgun - 10 bullets

Shooter "M" - 45 bullets

  • KALASHNIKOV - 10 bullets
  • UZI - 15 bullets
  • Glock - 15 bullets

Shooter Plus - 50 bullets

  • KALASHNIKOV - 15 bullets
  • UZI - 15 bullets
  • Glock - 15 bullets
  • Shotgun - 5 bullets

VIP "L" - 65 bullets

  • Glock - 15 bullets
  • UZI - 20 bullets
  • Shotgun - 5 bullets
  • KALASHNIKOV - 15 bullets
  • Rewolwer 357 magnum - 5 bullets
  • AR - 15 - bullets

Max „XL” - 91 bullets

  • Glock - 15 bullets
  • Uzi – 25 bullets
  • Shotgun – 10 bullets
  • KALASHNIKOV - 20 bullets
  • Rewolwer 357 magnum - 5 bullets
  • AR - 10 - bullets
  • you choose - 6 bullets

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